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 Annual Parochial Church Meeting

29th April 2019



Present: Rev Canon Eric Knowles (Chairman), Ken Anstiss (Treasurer), Barbara Steele (Secretary), Ann Henderson, Ramon Wyre, Barbara Wyre, Roger Johnson, Alex Berington, Jacqui Anstiss, Anne Burge, Hugh McMichael, Alison Hunka, Francis Jones, Valerie Knowles, Anne Wakefield, Robert Wakefield, Roger Smith, Judy Smith, Bob Steel, Malcolm MacLeod, Christine Thomas, Ann Whitty.

Apologies: Margaret Bryer, David Bryer.



       The Minutes were accepted as an accurate record.



       Under elections to the PCC, it is noted that Ken Anstiss is a co-opted member of this        committee.


4.       REPORTS


       Malcolm MacLeod delivered the Churchwardens’ Report, noting that many points are             covered in the Annual Report.


       1.  Thanks were given to various people:

-        to Eric Knowles for all that he does at Little Malvern Priory

-        to Valerie Knowles for preparation of the Pewsletter

-        to the flower arrangers

-        to all those who give service in filling rotas

-        to Prue Edwards and David Toye for the upkeep of the grounds

-        to those who volunteer for Open Day

-        to all the individuals who do important jobs

-        to Hugh McMichael for his contact with Long Lartin

-        to Alex Berington for allowing Little Malvern Court to be used for events.


       Malcolm gave thanks to all those who devoted time, skill and labour ensuring that Little        Malvern Priory was indeed a big team.



       :  Ann Whitty and Ken Anstiss were thanked for their liaison with the builders for the        refurbishment of the ‘kitchen’.

       :  The overhaul of the organ was going well and it is hoped that the organ will be back and fully        working by June.

       :  Work in the porch is on-going in an attempt to present a better image and to remove        untidiness


       Malcolm asked for any comments but no questions were raised.




       Ramon Wyre delivered the report stating that at the time of the 2018 meeting there were 81        members on the Electoral Roll.

       For 2019 we were required by the Diocese to produce a new Electoral Roll and could not        simply transfer people across. This electoral roll will be valid for the next seven years.

       During the year we lost three friends who passed away. By the beginning of April there were    about sixty renewals and therefore Ramon wrote to members who had not renewed and this        generated six more renewals. Unfortunately, a number of our older members are in care        homes and too infirm to attend. Another couple who were married at Little Malvern Priory in        2018 have not renewed.

       The good news is that we gained one new member.

       The current Electoral Roll contains 69 members.


       Ramon Wyre was thanked by Eric Knowles for his diligence in the preparation of the figures.



       Margaret Bryer is the current Safeguarding Officer. The role includes not only care for children        but also any vulnerable adult. Any concerns about individuals should be raised with Margaret.

       Margaret has reported that all Churchwardens are now DBS checked.

       Malcolm MacLeod stated that it is not necessary for individuals to be DBS checked if they are        offering lifts to church as this is an informal arrangement.

       Eric Knowles clarified that his work with the RAF Air Cadets is covered by a separate        safeguarding system.


       d)  CHAPLAIN

            The Chaplain’s report is quoted verbatim as follows:


       Look at the list that is in our Annual Report.  On your behalf I thank every one whose job title        is listed as well as those who aren’t.   Please do remember that it is OUR church.


       One item that is not mentioned in the Annual Report is the Women’s World Day of Prayer.  We        are fortunate to have Anne Wakefield as our representative on this.  Although the theme is        chosen by a women’s group from a previously agreed country it is organised on behalf of the        worldwide family of the church, and is now called the World Day of Prayer. 


       When we look over the Annual Report you will see that we have been severely affected by        members dying or moving away. This is also reflected in the numbers on our Electoral Roll.

       This draws attention to certain aspects of our church life.

a.      The sharing of our faith which is something that we often find difficult.  This is strange in a way because we are very willing to encourage friends to go to a concert or a play or recommend a book or a film.  That is why giving a Pewsletter to someone who doesn’t already go to a church might help to start a conversation.  So please remember that when you pick up your copy.  Try thinking “One for me and one for someone else”.

b.      Another aspect is the ministry of this church.  In the past we have encouraged others to share in it by personal invitation.  Most of you have come to be part of this place through the recommendation of a friend or by simply walking in through the door after moving into the area.  Again I suggest that we are should be open to approaching people to invite them to share in the ministry of Little Malvern Priory.

c.      Please also remember that the reduction in our numbers means that there are fewer people to fulfil some of our church roles.  During the Review the question was raised about people doing more within our church life, so when a request for volunteers is made please do not dismiss it.  I notice, for instance that we don’t have so many people helping on our Open Day.  We also struggled to find volunteers to help with coffee after a morning service.  We are always happy to have volunteers for reading the lessons at our services and to join the St Giles Singers and the Flower Rota.

d.      I had planned to retire this August.  That was one of the reasons I decided to lead the Lent Sessions myself.  Towards the end of last year it was learnt that an extension might be possible.  The PCC, the Lay Patron and I all made a request tom the Bishop for my Licence to be extended until August 2020.   Much to my surprise this was granted so my plan to retire has been postponed for 12 months.  It came to light that there is now no fixed retirement age for clergy.  The PCC Secretary posted a notice about this on the church notice board.

e.      In addition to our usual activities during 2018 we dealt with some important topics:

                                                                                                  i.      The organ refurbishment;

                                                                                                ii.      The utility (flower) room refurbishment

                                                                                              iii.      The Parish Profile;

                                                                                               iv.      Chancel Repair Liability;

                                                                                                 v.      Replacing me;

                                                                                               vi.      A review of our church life.



That’s really all I would like to say aside from what is in the Annual Report.”



The representatives are Roger Johnson and Margaret Bryer.

Roger Johnson delivered the report stating that CTIM is the umbrella organisation for local churches of all denominations. It enables newly appointed clergy and church representatives to meet and greet local church personnel informally. One example of communities coming together is the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline. Also organised is The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which is advertised in the Church notices. A Weekly Prayer Diary is produced that is used by all churches to inform their intercessions. A major annual activity is  Lifepath hosted by Great Malvern Priory. In 2018 200 volunteers organised a programme involving 600 primary school children which involved them in activities related to the history of GMP. The programme for 2019 is being run from June 24 to June 29 and volunteers are always wanted to help in running the programme.


Eric Knowles thanked Roger Johnson  and Margaret Bryer for all their work with the CTIM



Ann Whitty, as deanery representative, delivered the report noting mainly that following a talk about Christians Against Poverty a cheque for £250 had been sent to CAP as part of LMP’s outward giving. A new secretary had been appointed – Sarah McCartney-Williams, who had spoken about holiday hunger for children. The Deanery had reported that the incumbencies of Powick, St. Matthias and Great Malvern Priory were now filled.

Eric Knowles thanked Ann Whitty for her representation at meetings.



LMP was grateful to the support received from the Friends. Everyone was encouraged to become a member. All monies received is used to support the church. Last year £25,000 was given towards the cost of the refurbishment of the organ. New brochures have been produced. The cost of the notice board in the car park was funded by the Friends. They also agreed to fund the refurbishment of the Flower Room. The contribution of the Friends means that the financial responsibility for the upkeep of the church does not rest with the parishioners alone.

The AGM will take place on Thursday 6th June at Welland Village Hall.

The choral evensong to celebrate the support of the Friends will take place Sunday 16th June at 6.00pm. The preacher will be the Revd. Michael Catling. The music will be provided by Malvern St. James Choir.



Long Lartin – Hugh McMichael stated how rewarding it was to be part of the visiting team and how there were lessons to be learned in how to treat prisoners. He would be pleased to talk to anyone who would be interested in joining the chaplaincy team.


Chaplaincy for Agriculture and Rural Life – As yet no chaplain has been appointed. The vicar of Powick has responsibility for the this and EGK is hoping to discuss matters with him.

Paul Fardon, Chairman of the Worcestershire Group, will be the guest speaker at the Friends’ AGM.



All members of the congregation are involved with this. It is necessary to inform Bob Steel of any and all events for publication on the website of LMP and also on the Diocesan website. Bob Steel was thanked for all his endeavours in maintaining the website.

Copies of the Pewsletter can be distributed by all at any of the numerous places we may visit.



Intercessions – as requested in parish questionnaire - EGK is receiving training so that he can pass on instructions

Eucharist Assistants – it was suggested that they could be used to take the Eucharist to care homes. EGK pointed out the Eucharist is usually administered by the homes’ own clergy.

Where this did not happen then EGK took it.  For instance, this was done for David Hope when he was in the NHS Step Down Unit, Worcester.

It was always understood that he would do this for anyone who requested this especially during a festival time.

However the Pewsletter and the Diocesan Prayer Diary could be distributed as well as special service sheets.



Ken Anstiss distributed summary sheets and reported that giving was 5½% down at £22855. The Diocese via the Deanery had requested £50956 but the PCC had agreed to pay £18000. Of the 51 questionnaires required for assessment of Parish Share, 41 had been returned. For the refurbishment of the Flower Room, the provision of the Notice Board, and refurbishment of the organ, gratitude was expressed to the Hawthorne Trust and to the Friends of LMP.

Ken Anstiss explained the nature of the investment trusts (eg. the Hookham Trust) and how some accounts are restrictive as to use.

A vote of thanks to Ken Anstiss for all the preparation of accounts and reconciliation of figures was proposed by Malcolm MacLeod, seconded by Alison Hunka and approved unanimously.




No questions were raised.






a)  PCC Members

Two new people had been proposed and seconded to join the PCC – Christine Thomas and Anne Wakefield. Roger Johnson proposed that in addition to these two the present PCC members be elected en bloc – Bob Steel, Barbara Steele, Irene Tretheway, Ann Whitty. Ramon Wyre had indicated his intention to resign. This was seconded by Jacqui Anstiss and accepted unanimously.

Bob Steel proposed Ken Anstiss as a co-opted member to the PCC, seconded by Frank Jones, accepted unanimously.

The three ex-officio members Alison Hunka, Frank Jones, Malcolm MacLeod agreed to continue as did the Lay-Patron Alex Berington.

Together with Eric Knowles, incumbent, the above now form LMP PCC.


b)  PCC Officers

Barbara Steele agreed to continue as Secretary – Proposed by Alison Hunka, seconded by Alex Berington, approved unanimously

Ken Anstiss agreed to continue as Treasurer – Proposed by Frank Jones, seconded by Alison Hunka, approved unanimously


c)  Sidesmen

Jacqui Anstiss, Alex Berington, Sarah-Ann Bradford, Di Dawes, Josie Lowe, Bob Steel, Barbara Steele, Christine Thomas, David Toye were proposed en bloc by Malcolm MacLeod, seconded by Ann Whitty, approved unanimously.

Eric Knowles expressed his thanks to all those who acted as sidespersons.


d)  Deanery Synod Representatives

Malcolm MacLeod proposed that Ann Whitty and Irene Tretheway continue as Deanery Synod Representatives, seconded by Alison Hunka, approved unanimously.


e)  Electoral Roll Officer

It was pointed out that Ramon Wyre wished to stand down as Electoral Roll Officer.  Ramon was thanked for all his work on this, particularly with his handling of the revision this year. Derek Webb has agreed to take on the task.  The hand-over now needs to take place.


8.  AOB

a) Questions were asked about the use of a polish on the floor tiles.  Francis Jones had very kindly worked on these.  It was agreed that the advice of the Diocesan Advisory Committee should be sought. 

b)   EGK confirmed that he was still intending to train people for leading intercessions.



This was set for Friday 24th April 2020


The meeting concluded at 20.25 with a reflection and a prayer.







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