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Hope carriers trust ltd


It all began in August 1997 with a phone call asking Arthur to go to Romania overland to take aid. He was not prepared for what he saw and thus began our life changing journey. Romania and it’s very poor had won his heart and our lives would never be the same again. What began as a one off trip has progressed into a life’s work aided by people like Grizelda Adams.


1997 saw two small vans taking aid and now, 13 years latter, we have our own 14 ton truck going forwards and backwards from England to Romania. We have also sent, over the years, a container of aid to the Congo, an organ to Portugal for a mission school, a container of medical aid from Worcester Royal Hospital, which was on it’s way to Senegal when God intervened and it was redirected to Haiti. The doctors were trying to operate without any anaesthetic machines and these just happened be on board the truck. God knew better than us where and when they had to go. Eventually a truck did get to West Africa. HCT now sends out aid to Nicaragua on a regular basis Congo Zambia has also received aid. We have sponsored a young man to go out to Nigeria with Mission Africa  helping to run camps for young people. The aid comes from all over Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Wales , Birmingham and even as far as Kent.  Hereford also helping the homeless, providing them with furniture and household goods and then introducing them into church families. Helping to make them “family” .


A lot of schools are involved with the Shoebox project, 2000 went out last year and we hope to send out even more this year .

What began as a one off trip has become a life's work but none of it could have happened without the miracles God has provided. When you have nothing of yourself then you have to rely on Him and He has not failed us. Providing money for the truck and also the money to purchase the building and the land which we have been working on for the last three years. Isn’t God wonderful, and also are the lovely people God has sent into our lives over the last 13 years. We give Him the praise and the glory for it all. Could you be like us and be a carrier of hope to the poorest of God’s people? Can you help? Will you help?

Arthur Etheridge Telephone 01432274724;


And from Grizelda:-


The house that we have just bought is for teenagers leaving care, who would otherwise end up on the streets. This will provide accommodation for them when going to work or to study. One of my guests at a dinner party last year gave Arthur £80,000– two builders in Birmingham have offered to go out free, to do the rebuilding. We hope to buy the house next door—one for the boys and one for the girls! I never thought that Arthur would ever get the money. As money came in it went out, on petrol and car expenses.

I am a local collection point—all everyday clothing is welcome from baby to wardrobe clearances. I tend to pass ‘special clothing’ to Oxfam. Bedding and curtains, shoes (not high heels) DVD machines (not Televisions) and radios, beds, bathroom suits in working order, answering machine, schools equipment, paper, pens/pencils, toys, toiletries for girls, soap powder, dried food, lentils, pasta, rice, Spam etc., not tinned vegetables, saucepans, kitchen equipment, almost anything. Just ask if you are not sure.


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