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Job Opportunities


Help with crossing the road

Please have a word with one of the churchwardens if you think you could help with this on occasions.




We a re looking to appoint some more sidemen (persons).  An important aspect of this role is to look after our visitors and make them feel welcome.  Please would you give it some thought and prayer.  The more we have the easier it is for those who are already appointed.  Why not talk to a Church Warden or the Chaplain about it ??????  Talking doesn’t commit you.


Local Authorisation for Eucharist Ministers (Chalice Assistants)


From Easter 2017, the Bishop made authorisation of Eucharist Ministers a matter for the incumbent, in consultation with the PCC.   Once the PCC has agreed the incumbent’s nomination of new Eucharistic Ministers then the parish priest can proceed to authorise them.

We currently have 3 Eucharist Ministers (Roger Smith, Margaret Bryer and Annie Burge) that have been authorised by the Bishop.  Peter Williams who was part of the group has now moved away.  I asked the PCC to consider the appointment of Alison Hunka as a replacement for Peter and they agreed unanimously.

In order to have Alison available as soon as possible I will be commissioning her during the service of Holy Communion on 4th February and presenting her with her Certificate of Appointment.  I had hoped that I could have included all our Eucharist Ministers at the same time but it was not possible.


To Our Gardening Friends

                 A kindly reminder of the need for plants for our

Open Day 2018 
Any you can spare or cultivate in trays or pots would be much appreciated.

                                                                             Margaret .

 Spring Clean

On Saturday 10th March.  This is an opportunity to clean/polish anything between the church gate and the east Window that doesn’t move.  There will be a notice in the porch asking for volunteers. Please join in this activity which is so vital in presenting a well loved church to all comers, old and new . This is also your chance to chat informally with your fellow worshipers over refreshments.


Saint Giles’ singers

Recently services have been enhanced by a small but enthusiastic group of singers ably led by a a very experience director, Alison Hunker.

We would welcome new members to join with us.  Could this be YOU.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could read music and sing in tune!

You do not need to be a regular member of the congregation but it is hoped that you would attend

practises (usually at Alison’s home) and sing in as many services as possible .

So…… if you are reading this and it appeals to you please get in touch.





Everybody, Anybody, Somebody, Nobody and Somebody


Let me tell you the story of  four young lads by the name of Tom, Dick, Harry and Joe.

Their full names in fact were as such;

 Tom Somebody, Dick Everybody, Harry Anybody, and Joe Nobody.

Together they were the best of friends,

But I must confess when it came to a task they weren't very good.

 You see whenever they were given a job, they all began to fight.  Because this is how it always went;

 Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it,

And Anyone could have done it

But in the end Nobody always ended up with the task.

 When Nobody did it,

Somebody was angry because it was Everybody's job.



But Everybody thought that Somebody would do it instead.

Now Nobody realized that Nobody would do it.

So consequently Everybody blamed Somebody

When Nobody did what Anybody could have done 

In the first place.

 Now don't start arguing yet because I have another story of these friends to tell;

 Now as you may have guessed these four were fun, active, busy people but what they accomplished was a shame and Everyone knew it.

You see Everybody had a good idea, but Everybody thought Somebody would follow it through,

However Somebody  thought Anybody would work on it.

And Anybody thought Everybody should do it.

So Nobody ended up working on it...AGAIN!

Now one day a contest was announced, all the boys were sent to enter.

Now Everybody thought Anybody could win the prize.

Anybody thought Somebody would win.

And Somebody thought Everybody would get a prize.

Nobody was the smartest of the four.

And Nobody was very faithful.

Nobody worked very hard.

Thus Nobody won the prize! 


Now I have one more tale to tell you of another friend of the four this is a sad, sad tale of the death of a man called Someone Else;

You see all the boys work at a firm and at this firm worked Someone Else.

Now the four were greatly saddened to learn of the death of one of the most valuable member

 - Someone Else.

Someone's passing created a vacancy that will be difficult to fill. He had been around for years and for everyone of those years, Someone did far more that a normal person's share of work.

Whenever Anybody mentioned leadership,

Somebody  always looked to this wonderful person for inspiration and results;

"Someone Else can do that job!"

When there was a job to do, a need to be filled or a place of leadership, one name was always given....

....Someone Else.

Everyone knew Someone else was the largest giver of time and money.

Whenever there was a financial need, Everybody, Anybody and Somebody always assumed that Someone Else would make up the difference.

Now Someone Else is gone.

And the boys all wonder what they will do,

No longer can they utter the words; "Let Someone Else do it"

If it is going to be done, one of them will have to do it....And I guess most of the time it will be Nobody.

Thank God it is not like that at Little Malvern Priory!




Volunteers to help at Lyttelton Well

Regular Volunteer for Thursday lunchtimes 12 – 2.30pm and one for Friday afternoons 2.30 – 5.00pm.  Volunteers are needed at all other times. Contact Catherine at the Well on 01684 573702


    The Well Counselling Service

The Counseling Service is in need of more reception cover owing to the increasing number of Clients attending for Counselling.

Could you spare 2-3 hours a week or fortnightly to join this important and much valued reception team. There is a particular need for cover on a Tuesday lunchtime and fortnightly on a Friday morning.  If you are interested in helping in this way, please look on the Counselling Website under volunteering or contact 01684 563456


Community Action Malvern & District

Car Service


The Car Service


Provides individual transport for healthcare journeys such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, dentists, opticians, chiropodists, using volunteers driving their own cars, to people over 65 or registered disabled, or who have no access to other forms of transport, living in or around Malvern.


Community Minibuses


Shoparound provides a door-to-door minibus service to local shopping areas such as Worcester, Pershore, Tewkesbury and Ledbury, and also occasional special outings, to the same clientele group.  If required, friendly volunteers will help with escorting and carrying shopping, and even pushing a wheelchair.  Clients can take their own chairs on to the wheelchair accessible minibuses or they can use one of CA’s own wheelchairs.


Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance by contacting the office at 28-30 Belle Vue Terrace in the centre of Great Malvern on 01684 892381


For more information on Community Action, its operation, and its services, please see or contact the office on 01684 892381.







Volunteers are required throughout the week

Various shifts available

            Monday to Friday 9.30 – 12 or 12 – 2.30 or 2.30 – 5.15

          Volunteers can offer a regular weekly shift or fill slots that are available.

         For further details please contact Catherine/Becky/Gemma on

           01684 573702 during office hours – or pop in to see them.


The Lyttelton Well Coffee House

The hub of the Coffee House is our Catering Manager, Dave. Everything revolves around him and without him nothing revolves. We have three part-time cooks, one working every afternoon and the other two sharing the morning shifts between them. From Monday to Friday volunteers cover all the washing up duties, food preparation and waiting & waitressing. Working with a three-shift system this amounts to a lot of volunteers needed to keep it all running smoothly.

The shifts are of approximately 2½ hours each in the morning, at lunchtime and in the afternoon.  If you have any spare time and would like to be part of a very happy, cheerful and successful team and would like to see Dave with a smile as wide as the Bristol Channel, call him and say, “I think I might like to do some voluntary work”.  We would be delighted to give you a taster session if you would like to see whether this is something that you would like to do. Phone Dave on 01684 573702 and he will talk you through the rest.


The Lyttelton Well Volunteer Appeal

  The Lyttelton Well is known ostensibly for its Coffee House and its Christian Bookshop but there is so much more to the Well than these two elements. The Well is much like the Biblical story of one body with many parts that all function together so that none can say that it has no need any of the other parts.

  One of the factors that all the parts of that one body have in common is their dependence on volunteers, providing the Well with its unique ethos and our many regular customers with friendly, welcoming faces in an otherwise chaotic and busy world. We would be delighted to give you a taster session if you would like to see whether this is something that you would like to do. 








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