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Job Opportunities


Our church is heavily dependent upon everyone sharing the load. So we have a rota for this and a rota for that. If there isn't a rota then we have lists for people to volunteer to help. This is an appeal to all of you who are on a rota (that is probably all of you). For everyone, there is always a time when a duty clashes with some other activity. Please would you kindly NOT ask a churchwarden to sort it out? Would you kindly take responsibility yourself and sort out a swap with someone else? Yes, emergencies can arise when you need to attend to something else at very short notice and the churchwardens are always sympathetic to such an occasion and will help. But it is far better if you deal with it yourself particularly as you are probably the one who has caused the difficulty. Once you have carried out a swap then please let a church-warden know what is happening. If you need to find someone to carry out a reading then please let me know as well. I may need to change the reading that is set and therefore have to con-tact whoever is reading.

We take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you. Without you sharing the ministry of the church it wouldn't happen.



Help with crossing the road

Please have a word with one of the churchwardens if you think you could help with this on occasions.




We a re looking to appoint some more sidemen (persons).  An important aspect of this role is to look after our visitors and make them feel welcome.  Please would you give it some thought and prayer.  The more we have the easier it is for those who are already appointed.  Why not talk to a Church Warden or the Chaplain about it ??????  Talking doesn’t commit you.





Community Action Malvern & District

Car Service


The Car Service


Provides individual transport for healthcare journeys such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, dentists, opticians, chiropodists, using volunteers driving their own cars, to people over 65 or registered disabled, or who have no access to other forms of transport, living in or around Malvern.


Community Minibuses


Shoparound provides a door-to-door minibus service to local shopping areas such as Worcester, Pershore, Tewkesbury and Ledbury, and also occasional special outings, to the same clientele group.  If required, friendly volunteers will help with escorting and carrying shopping, and even pushing a wheelchair.  Clients can take their own chairs on to the wheelchair accessible minibuses or they can use one of CA’s own wheelchairs.


Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance by contacting the office at 28-30 Belle Vue Terrace in the centre of Great Malvern on 01684 892381


For more information on Community Action, its operation, and its services, please see or contact the office on 01684 892381.







Volunteers are required throughout the week

Various shifts available

            Monday to Friday 9.30 – 12 or 12 – 2.30 or 2.30 – 5.15

          Volunteers can offer a regular weekly shift or fill slots that are available.

         For further details please contact Catherine/Becky/Gemma on

           01684 573702 during office hours – or pop in to see them.


The Lyttelton Well Volunteer Appeal

  The Lyttelton Well is known ostensibly for its Coffee House and its Christian Bookshop but there is so much more to the Well than these two elements. The Well is much like the Biblical story of one body with many parts that all function together so that none can say that it has no need any of the other parts.

  One of the factors that all the parts of that one body have in common is their dependence on volunteers, providing the Well with its unique ethos and our many regular customers with friendly, welcoming faces in an otherwise chaotic and busy world. We would be delighted to give you a taster session if you would like to see whether this is something that you would like to do. 









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