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Floodlighting. If you would like to make a donation for Little Malvern Priory to be floodlit for an evening, in memory of a loved one, please contact Stephen to make arrangements.

The Salvation Army in Malvern, working with the Octagon and Social Services, is seeking to provide 60 needy families in the area with food deliveries in the week before Christmas, and a present for children. Funding for this venture is urgently needed; if you can help please refer to the just giving page

The Maggs Day Centre for the homeless in Malvern remains open and continues vital work with rough sleepers and other vulnerable people. There are a surprising number of rough sleepers locally, higher per head of population than in Birmingham. If you could help the Day Centre financially, please pledge a donation by logging onto Thank you.




Please follow the government guidelines

Particularly washing of hands

and using tissues.


We are extremely grateful to Jacqui Anstiss for all the work she has done in researching the medieval tiles in our Chancel and Sanctuary. Thanks to Jacqui we now have cards printed with images from some of the tiles. They are available for sale at £2.50 each. You will not find any cheap imitations anywhere else. It will not be a case of bringing a souvenir back from your holiday on the other side of the world and discovering you could have bought it in your local supermarket.


Please would you sign up for this on the Notice in the Porch.  

Coffee and biscuits will be served after Matins on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays


l support for Little Malvern Priory.

These are not the easiest of times for domestic budgets and it is very heartening that members of the congregation have managed cheerfully to maintain their regular giving. Your generosity makes a vital contribution to the running of the church and the continuance of its historic mission, particularly as we are constantly facing increases in our costs. Don’t forget that if you are a UK taxpayer and make a Gift Aid Declaration the church can recover income tax on your donation.

If you would like to make a Declaration, have a word with Ken Anstiss (tele: 01684 592215).  


Following a recent tumble in the churchyard it was realised  that it was not widely known that we do have a First Aid box. This is to be found in the boiler room on the left-hand side on the shelf. Please feel free to use this in any minor injury occurring at the church. If you would kindly let the churchwardens know what you have used it will help us to keep it well stocked and ready for use.



Thank you all very much for your continued support of the Food Bank.

Yes a much larger store room is now needed and the demand  is greater so we must continue in our generous giving, as you so readily do.

                                                                                                                    Best wishes

                                                                                                                                                     Ann Henderson  



                              CHURCHES TOGETHER IN MALVERN

           Chairman – Mrs Chris Bray    -    Secretary Mrs Jenny Bull

              20 Crown Lea Avenue                    10 Christ Church Road

               Malvern                                           Malvern


                              01684 560920                                   01684 561307

                               email:             email:


 Farming Community Network


Farming itself is not in crisis, but many people in the farming community are experiencing serious problems related to their business or their personal lives. These problems include animal diseases, such as Bovine TB, veterinary regulations and agricultural bureaucracy, the effects of the weather, rising costs and debt, isolation and loneliness. Some are having to face up to making radical changes to their businesses or even leaving agriculture altogether. In many cases not only is a job at stake, but also a home, a way of life and a family tradition. There can be intense feelings of bewilderment, anger, frustration and despair, and often overwhelming fatigue.

 Farm Crisis Network (FCN) is a UK network of volunteer groups drawn from the farming community and rural churches, ready to ‘walk with’ farming people and their families as they strive to resolve such problems. For some all that is needed is an opportunity to talk with somebody sympathetic and not directly involved. Others may need someone to support them for many weeks or months. FCN volunteers are prepared to relate to all aspects of the situation and have links with sources of professional help where needed. FCN has its own Business Support Group and it works closely with the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, the Arthur Rank Centre Addington Fund and where necessary with the Samaritans.

FCN provides a national Helpline which is manned from 7am to 11pm every day of the year, with an answerphone between these hours. It has over 300 active volunteers spread across England and Wales in County based Groups, which provide a visiting service to deliver practical and pastoral support to farming people and families. Following the production of a report 2 years ago into the human costs of the impact of Bovine TB, FCN has been contracted by DEFRA to provide a sympathetic interface between farmers suffering from the effects of Bovine TB and the perceived bureaucracy of Animal Health officials. Whilst DEFRA now provides some funding to cover the additional work involved, FCN still relies primarily on donations from churches and members of the public to fund the work of its volunteers and limited administrative overheads. In these difficult economic times, it is struggling to raise sufficient funds and County Groups are now having to address the challenge of raising funds, as well as carrying out their primary support role.


Church Flowers


Flowers are a gift to the glory of God and whilst they are not necessary in a church they do remind us of God’s creation. The purpose of flowers in church is to add beauty. They are not there to dominate or distract from the purpose of worship. It is for this reason that normally there is only one arrangement placed by the side of the altar. During festivals such as Christmas and Easter we are more abundant with our displays in the main body of the church.

I am sure that the beautiful flower arrangements which enhance Little Malvern Priory are much appreciated by us all and we are constantly grateful to our talented flower arrangers. However, for the coming year a few of the team of arrangers are having to relinquish or reduce their commitment for various reasons and we should be very grateful if there are any members of the congregation who would like to come along and join the team.

We are always grateful for the generous donations made by the congregation for festivals. For the majority of the year however, the flowers and greenery are provided by the flower arrangers themselves. This generosity as well as their time and effort is truly appreciated.

 Should you wish to join ‘the team’ please let me know, in person, by phone – 01684575753, or email: 

Barbara Steele



I have been given a rediscovered photo album of “Friends of Little Malvern Priory” social events up to Harvest Festival 1996.

This is a delightful album, and, wonderfully, has titles underneath with everyone’s names. A Godsend for a forgetful person like myself!

I think it would be lovely to resurrect this idea and to include all events associated with Little Malvern Priory, not just the Friends events.

Is there a photographer out there who would be prepared to coordinate the continuation? (Or even someone who would cajole others into taking the odd photo and then collating them)

Please do consider whether you could volunteer for this. Such records are a legacy for others and a great joy to look through, bringing back special memories and friends. No doubt more important as we all grow older.

If you would like to know more, or have a look at the photos we have, do contact either me (Anne Burge 01684 569225) or…. Valerie/Eric Knowles.

And if you have any photos of events since 1996 and could spare a copy for an album, that would be great. Happy snapping!

Anne Burge


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