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Dates for your diary  Cut and keep

February 13th               Shrove Tuesday             Pancakes at Hugh & Anne
February 14
th                           Ash Wednesday             Holy Communion 7pm (CW)
Various                         Lent discussions             Other Peoples Lents (
see separate notice)
March 11
th                               Mothering Sunday
March  26
th-28th                 Holy Week                    Compline 5 pm
March 29
h                               Maundy Thursday          Holy Communion 7pm (CW)
March 30
th                               Good Friday                  Meditation service 10.30am 
March 31
st                                Holy Saturday               Decoration of the Church 9.30am onwards
April 1
st                                     Easter Sunday                Holy Communion  8am  (CW)
Easter Celebration 11am
Holy Communion 12.15 pm (1662)
May 7
th                                      Open Day                     Details to be published later
June 17th                    Choral Evensong           Friends of Little Malvern Priory 6pm
September/ October     Harvest Festival              Details later              
November 11
th                     Remembrance Sunday     Service starts at 10.45 am
December 2nd              Advent Sunday 
December 16th              Carol Concert                 To be confirmed  
December 22nd           Decoration of the church   To be confirmed
December 24th             Christmas Eve                  Midnight Communion 11.30pm( CW)
December 25th             Christmas Day                  Holy Communion 8am
Family Christmas Celebration 11am
Holy communion   12.15pm (1662)


The Blue Plaque Nativity

We had a great time in our Advent preparations with the Revd Doug Chaplin looking at the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus.  He even produced a “Blue Plaque” for us.  Those of you who did not come missed a treat.  Sadly the weather went against us for the session planned with David Bryer to look at the circumstances that now surround the birthplace of Jesus.  We decided to shelve the session but not to lose all the work David had done in preparation, so we plan to hold it later in the year.

Do bear in mind that people put a lot of effort into preparing such sessions so it is a shame if not many people attend them.


Lent 2018

Other people’s Lents


There were various strands of belief when Jesus was teaching in Palestine yet his teaching attracted great crowds. Palestine was a bit like Piccadilly Circus.  A lot of merchants passed through on their way between the  East and the West.  They carried with them new ideas and learning.  The early church also contended against a variety of beliefs and grew:

“Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.  For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: “To an unknown god”.    (Acts Ch 17 vs. 22)

In Malvern we have very little contact with other faiths.  This Lent I have asked people from 5 of the major world faiths to come and speak to us.   This should give us the opportunity to learn about them from people who practice them and therefore deepen our understanding of what we ourselves believe.

I have not yet agreed all the times and dates with our speakers but there will be details of the programme available as soon as that is complete.  I also intend to notify the local schools and invite any of their 6th formers to join us.

St Wulstan’s Church has kindly agreed to allow us to use their Parish Hall for our sessions and I have said that we would welcome any of the congregation to join us.




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