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Weddings at Little Malvern Priory

Are you considering getting married in church? — in Little Malvern Priory?

If you reside in this parish and you have not been married before then you are entitled to have your wedding in the Priory; please contact the Vicar. If you have been married before a discussion about the circumstances may be necessary, but the Vicar would still be pleased to hear from you.

It’s usual practice to be married in the parish church of the place where one of you resides, but if you wish to be married elsewhere, you need to show a particular connection to that church. These connections are explained on the Church of England’s website — — go to ‘Life Events’, then ‘Weddings’, then ‘Learn More’, then ‘Choosing a church’. Even if you cannot show any particular connection to Little Malvern, then it may still be possible to be married in the Priory after a period of regular attendance on Sundays. The Vicar would be very happy to talk through these issues with you.

It’s always good to hear that couples want to be married in church, and we are here to help you make the best possible arrangements.

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